I Texas TN. Do you?

Hi Folks! As much as I like to pretend I've never left Texas (I still have my Austin phone number) I actually left in 2001. I've been in and out of Nashville for ten of those years. So when I saw an I Texas TN bumper sticker on a car I just had to have one. And now I've taken over the business of making them.

You can buy them below. Please let me know what you think and I'd certainly appreciate you spreading the word!

Thanks! -- Blu


I Texas TN: Black and White Bumper Stickers (2)

One black and one white I Texas TN bumper sticker just in case you can't decide.

size: 7.5" x 2"
material: adhesive backed vinyl
price: $7.00 shipped


I Texas TN: License Plate with black and white stickers

How about a license plate for the front of your car?

size: 12" x 6"
material: 040 aluminum
price:$20 shipped

Send me an email: itexastn@gmail.com

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